FC board

FC board
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4 axis power distribution board
-Size: 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm -Thickness: 1.0 mm ..
Main Technical Parameters Center resonant frequency: 40kHz ± 2kHz Static capacitan..
All-in-One Design integrates inner damping, controller, gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer, w..
FlyCam AVR ISP Programmer v2.1
yCam AVR ISP Programmer v2.1 is a fast and reliable USB AVR programmer, and works directly with AVR ..
FlyCam Blueboard (Korea)
Completed SMD PCB with Gyros. The FlyCam Blueboard is upgraded from kkMultiCopter. This controll..
Quadcopter Control Board
Specs. Size: 50.5mm x 50.5mm x 23.5mm Weight: 14.5 gram IC: Atmega48PA Gyro: Murata Piezo Inpu..
Rabbit Flight Controller  new GPS functions: indication of the number of sate..
Rabbit GPS Receiver w/ u-blox GPS module for Rabbit Flight Controller
Product Description Rabbit GPS Receiver Special For Rabbit Flight Controller Rabbit ..
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